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How My Style Found Me

I remember being four years old and I would go with my mom to run errands or visit her friends. Where I had no friends to play with, my mom would always have a pencil and some notebook in her purse that she would hand to me so I can draw. I grew up loving to draw and I did it whenever I could.  As a student, I was drawing on my school planner and desk during social studies classes. I have always wanted to be an artist and pursue art as a career. However, where I grew up, art was not considered a reputable career and was always accompanied by the stigma of the "starving artist."
  Despite the discourage from my society, I continued drawing as a hobby. When it was time to choose a path in college, my family convinced me that working as a nurse would be perfect for me. After two months through my first semester, I decided that the medical field was not for me. I went to my advisor and switched majors to fine arts. From then on, my college days were sunshine and brightness! I lo…

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