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Art and Corona

  I just flipped my monthly wall calendar in my office to November and looked at the picture on that page of America's Thanksgiving Parade of last year. Little did the calendar designer know when he placed this photo that this year's parade will be different. That's if there will be a parade any way. With different laws from the governer every month, the anxiety of the US elections, and talk about a second wave of COVID-19 coming, accompanied by the flu season, people are anxious and have had enough.    We know that the virus is staying, unfortunately. Some schools opened up, some business are opening again, some have shut down. Many parents have quit their jobs to homeschool their children. Children are antsy and missing out on many "normal" childhood memories. Things are unknown, but let us make the best out of it! On March 28, the park across the street was closed due to the pandemic.   We are spending more time at home these days. If we put the stress and anxi

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