Art and Corona

  I just flipped my monthly wall calendar in my office to November and looked at the picture on that page of America's Thanksgiving Parade of last year. Little did the calendar designer know when he placed this photo that this year's parade will be different. That's if there will be a parade any way. With different laws from the governer every month, the anxiety of the US elections, and talk about a second wave of COVID-19 coming, accompanied by the flu season, people are anxious and have had enough. 

  We know that the virus is staying, unfortunately. Some schools opened up, some business are opening again, some have shut down. Many parents have quit their jobs to homeschool their children. Children are antsy and missing out on many "normal" childhood memories. Things are unknown, but let us make the best out of it!

On March 28, the park across the street was closed due to the pandemic.

  We are spending more time at home these days. If we put the stress and anxiety of the pandemic on the side, and with the limited options of going out, we have more free time. Let's use it! Now is the time to create, read, practice, bake, exercise and do all the things you have always wanted to. 

  I personally was in strict quarantine from March until July of 2020. I did not go to work and only went out to grocery shop. These months felt as long as years! However, I was home everyday, and after baking all the recipes on Pinterest, I still had free time. Have I ever mentioned that I love to draw? I had time to draw, and I loved it. I drew every day during quarantine. I watched many of the famous artists' live sessions on Instagram, I took a few virtual tours of museums sitting on my couch. There was inspiration and resources everywhere online. 

I was learning and experimenting with different media everyday. I had a blank canvas hung in my living room for months. I was staring at it every day, trying to figure out what to paint on it. Until one morning, it just happened. I visualized the painting I wanted to paint. Ten hours later, the painting was complete. It was not perfect, but it made me happy. I enjoyed the process and the outcome, and that's what art is all about.

  To deal with my pandemic anxiety, I came up with a new character, Corona Guy, who shared his struggles from the pandemic with the world.

 He was not dealing with it so well. That poor thing had bad anxiety, he was laid off from his job, he was spraying disinfecting chemicals everywhere and on everything that he touched or touched him. His quarantine did not go as he was expecting. 

He shared his journey with us to tell us that it's ok to not be okay. It's normal to feel what we're feeling. You are not the only one struggling, and eventually, it will be ok. Now, we should not be panicking like him, just be cautious, wear a mask, and wash your hands. We are all in this together and we will be ok.

Drawing helped me cope with the pandemic and anxiety. It was an outlet to all the feelings that I could not express in words. As always, my dear, I highly encourage you to do what you like and always wanted to do. Now is the time to create. Create! In few years, you and your art will be a reference to these hard days and you will be greatly appreciated.


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