How My Style Found Me


 I remember being four years old and I would go with my mom to run errands or visit her friends. Where I had no friends to play with, my mom would always have a pencil and some notebook in her purse that she would hand to me so I can draw. I grew up loving to draw and I did it whenever I could.

  As a student, I was drawing on my school planner and desk during social studies classes. I have always wanted to be an artist and pursue art as a career. However, where I grew up, art was not considered a reputable career and was always accompanied by the stigma of the "starving artist."

  Despite the discourage from my society, I continued drawing as a hobby. When it was time to choose a path in college, my family convinced me that working as a nurse would be perfect for me. After two months through my first semester, I decided that the medical field was not for me. I went to my advisor and switched majors to fine arts. From then on, my college days were sunshine and brightness! I loved and enjoyed every single one of my art classes.

Still Life Charcoal drawing
Charcoal drawing I did in college in still life drawing class 2009

 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, majoring in graphic design. I worked as a freelance graphic designer for a year, doing minor projects for friends and family... until my son came to this world and he became my world. I had no time left to create. Life went on and I was starting to lose myself, my identity. I went through some hardships that changed my life, and my therapy was drawing. After years of no creativity, I took out my paints and brushes and created my first painting that reflected the dark days I was going through. The painting was not perfect and definitely not my best, but every “bad” piece of work is a lesson to get better. 

Mama Bear, oil on canvas, 2017

  From then on, I felt the urge and need to draw everyday. I took my sketchbook with me everywhere and I would try out different media and drawing different subjects. I watched a lot of youtube tutorials to learn new techniques. Whenever I felt down and helpless, I would immerse myself in a painting, and the results were always dark. But that was a part of finding my style. It took time. I was trying so hard at times, researching, looking for inspiration, copying other artists, and scribbling, but eventually, my style just showed up on my sketchbook gradually.

  The birth of my collection “You Have My Heart” came with the birth of my style.  They came together and complimented each other. My inspiration for this series was my experience as a mother. I felt so emotional that day, I cried.  I was proud of myself. However, I knew that I had more work to do. I have learned to never throw away the artwork that I am not happy with. Keep it to study it and push yourself to improve. Years later now, I look at it and I see the progress I have made and still need to make.


  One of my favorite artists, Virgola, played a role in this journey. I was inspired by her style and her journey from starting as a student to becoming a famous artist commissioned by well known companies for ads and branding, she was also a single mother, and I connected with her. I found Virgola through Instagram, as well as other inspirational artists such as Jessica Durant and Meghan Hess. I find Instagram as a great tool for inspiration and discovering and connecting with people who could help you find your path to your goals in a more clear way, as long as you use it properly. 

  If you want to find your style, draw, and draw some more. Create! Sing! Dance! Whatever your passion is, do it and don't stop!  It could be challenging and frustrating, but it will be worth it! 

"If you keep drawing, your style will find you" Meghan Hess.

  Create my dear one and share your journey with me. I would love to see your art! 



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